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Hello, I'm Scott. I am a man who is chasing his dream of living life different to what he see's around him. I'm aspiring to become a scriptwriter, currently studying in Bournemouth to do so. I have a beautiful woman in my life and a wonderful son sooner than I expected, whom I both love dearly.
I intend to use this blog to write about writing and also being a dad.

DadsBase Questionnaire

Hello all,

I’ve come out of my desperate to finish deadlines hole to quickly post something to push the progression of the re-kindling of the only website that ever really leaves my lips.

Need a hint?


If you’re still not aware of DadsBase, allow me to kindly explain.

DadsBase was formed last year after myself and blogger grumpy—dad met up in Scotland and made up an idea to bring together dads and dads-to-be, of any age, sexuality, class, you name it. The only thing you require to join DadsBase (besides things such as an email etc.) is the fact that you are or will be a Dad.

DadsBase was designed as a social networking arena in which Dads who may not have the social group to discuss parenthood, those unsure of their parental guidance, those who have an interesting trick of the trade to share, even those who just simply want the space to get their feelings off their chest.

We had a great beginning, our views went up into their 1,000’s on our opening week. We got guest speakers and users that are featured Tumblr bloggers and also connections with parent bloggers beyond 

For those who are aware of our site, I have a request to make. Could I please ask for a moment of your time to fill in a very short questionnaire, as it would benefit the website.

Here it is:

1) Why did you choose to join DadsBase?

2) Did DadsBase work for you? (Why?)

3) Would you recommend DadsBase to a friend?

4) What do you think made DadsBase worth visiting?

5) What do you think did NOT make DadsBase worth visiting?

6) What do you think would improve DadsBase?

7) Do you have any other further suggestions or ideas you think would benefit DadsBase?

Thank you for your time.

Please send me your answers via a personal message and if I could please ask you pass this questionnaire around, we would massively appreciate it.

From us at DadsBase, you rock. website: www.dadsbase.com

WriterDad (One half of DadsBase founders)

First post of the new year…FINALLY!

Hey guys, happy 2013.

Things are a new kind of busy for me, however, I still have all my plans in sight for this year:

DadsBase re-launches (NO MATTER WHAT! I miss it, I realised how much I need and enjoy it)
Scripts get written: Possibly 3 (I’ll share what I’m comfortable with)
Make some contacts in the industry: God I hope I do
and of course…

Graduate with a 2:1 - A first can’t be done, but, I can finish strong and leave with something reputable.

Hope your year has started well, if not, here are some Max musical renditions he’s shared with me today to make you smile (go easy on him, he is too and doesn’t understand copyright):

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder chocolate bar


His next song he’s gonna’ get working on is titled: Connie maybe (possibly by Connie Rae Jepson)



£3.98 on cheap batteries, place them in a noisy toy hoover, happy Max.

Yeah it’s loud and annoying, but a little bit of money has made up for a day with no hobbies left to do.

New picture!

Thought I’d at least update it.

Not very professional, oh well, something new until I get some free time to do one worthy for my LinkedIn account.


Christmas Sign off

 Here it is folks, the holidays.

Max is in bed (not asleep yet though), drink is out, presents sorted and may the rest begin…sort of.

Deadlines have swirled in my mind, Uni. is slowly running towards the end and I’m nowhere near ready.

This year has been a good one for me and my family. DadsBase launched (a resurgence for 2013 is planned so hold tight), Laura got a job with Zulily, her blog caught children’s book authors’ interest, Max has now reached THE TERRIBLE TWO’s and is doing okay.

I just wanted to take my last post of the year (which it will be) to wish you all a wonderful last week (celebrators of christmas or not), the Dads, the Mums, the Bots (why bother following me? you’ll find NOTHING!), fans of Kevin Smith, friends of Laura…I wish you a good time.

Happy holidays and see you in the brand new year,

Writer Dad

Loving the new job

Contributed to winning a competition against other stores and earned myself a bottle of champagne.

It feels good to win.

Now, back to writing this complex script for University, even though I should be writing my dissertation…

Oh no

Max is up. It’s an awful cough.

Vaporub, cuddles and drinks of water at the ready.

Bless his heart. It may be a long night for us all.

I had a good day today

I worked my butt off at work. I enjoy my new position.

I got to give my little hero and hug and kiss before he went to bed. After a rocky start to the day.

I chugged a few of my favourite beers.

Got a bunch of work on the road. Feeling good about it.

Feeling excited for next week when I send off a script and pitch my presentation.

Not often I get a buzz. Ether it’s the beer (it rarely is) or I genuinely am happy. Not long I’ve felt this.

NOTE TO SELF: Enjoy everything I do and keep a pack of Coors Light handy.